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Help is at hand if you require top-class invoice financing services. There are many companies that can help you free up the cash you have in unpaid invoices so you can switch your focus to other matters instead of simply waiting for invoices to be paid. Unpaid invoices can cause serious cash flow problems, but the best invoice financing services can help you avoid these. Find the right company and their services could prove to be invaluable.

invoice financing services

An increasingly popular option

Invoice financing involves borrowing directly against invoices you are owed for work, services or goods by other companies. A large number of UK companies have borrowed money via invoice financing at some point. There are two types of invoice financing. These are invoice factoring and discounting. With invoice factoring, you’ll usually be paid up to around 90% of the invoice, and the company will collect funds from your customer on your behalf. They may even be able to run a credit check on future customers.

invoice financing

Maintain healthy relationships

With invoice discounting, you borrow money against your invoice from a financier, get around 90% of the value and see money hit your account within around 24 hours. Instead of getting the company to chase your invoice up for you, you’ll still have full control over credit management and will pay the financier when the invoice is settled. The debtor never needs to know that you enlisted the services of a financier – this could prove to invaluable when it comes to maintaining a good relationship with the debtor. There are many invoice finance companies to choose from – why not ask around or look online for reputable companies with a proven track record? Invoice financing could be the difference between your company growing and grinding to a halt.

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